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When you choose Bloom House Recovery for drug and alcohol rehab, you are not just signing up for the very best in evidence-based, client-centered substance addiction treatment. You are also committed to your future by getting access to private education and resources after the completion of your treatment programs. We offer the entire package because we care about our patients’ continued sobriety and success. 

At our comfortable, private drug rehab center, our dedicated team can help you with the tools and life skills required to overcome drug or alcohol abuse and mental health disorders. With the help of our experienced and licensed behavioral health experts, you can recover in confidence at Bloom House Recovery.

Personalized Treatment Programs

Through different options in the levels of services, our drug and alcohol addiction specialists create an enhanced and individualized strategy that meets your unique needs. At Bloom House Recovery, we understand that every patient is unique and has different conditions that contribute to their drug and alcohol abuse issues. 

After a comprehensive assessment with our experienced and knowledgeable admissions counselor, we’ll determine how to create a personalized treatment plan on your road to recovery. The objective of this consultation is to ensure you receive the right amount of treatment required. Factors such as the history of substance abuse, mental health, and more will be taken into consideration to determine which treatment program will best help you overcome your substance addiction.

Supportive Community

Drug and alcohol addiction and other mental health issues can be isolating experiences. When you enter Bloom House Recovery, you will start to uncover the power of community. You won’t just work with a team of qualified experts that are dedicated to offering you excellent services; you will also form positive relationships with other patients who are working hard on their recovery. During your individual therapy sessions, you will build a strong therapeutic relationship with your treatment team members. And group therapy sessions will offer you the chance to share your insights and learn from others.

Ideal Environment 

One of the major benefits of receiving treatment at Bloom House Recovery is that you can step away from the pressures and stresses of daily life and concentrate on your health. Our facility provides you with a safe and highly supportive environment. At our treatment center, you will have the space, time, and guidance required to start making changes that will support long-term recovery. Every part of your day will be designed to promote sustained growth and expand your capabilities.  

Aftercare Thousand Oaks 

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is an ongoing process. At a drug rehab, you can be sober and build a foundation for long-term sobriety that you must build after the initial treatment ends. The addiction treatment at Bloom House Recovery develops an exclusive plan that includes aftercare Thousand Oaks for each patient, which may include sober living homes or outpatient programs.

Whether it’s you or someone you love dearly, you can make a significant difference by reaching out to Bloom House Recovery today. We aim to help you attain a thorough understanding of the concerns you are facing and help you find relief. Contact us today to get started!


aftercare Thousand Oaks

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aftercare Thousand Oaks

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