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Alcohol Detox Anaheim

If you need alcohol detox in Anaheim urgently, Star Recovery Centers is the ideal destination. We believe that the detoxification process is the heart of the rehab, especially when combining it with therapy, counseling, and other specific recovery programs for long-term sobriety and relapse prevention. The benefits of detoxing and recovering in our high-profile rehabilitation center are numerous. Among them, we mention:

1. Utmost safety and comfort

The detoxification process is anything but easy or comfortable. Detoxing on your own can cause a lot of pain, discomfort and comes with a lot of health risks. Our Anaheim, CA, drug and alcohol rehabs promote security, effectiveness, and comfort more than anything else for fast and reliable recovery. The detoxification process relies on three core procedures:

  1. In-depth assessment – The assessment and diagnosis phase comes first, allowing our experts to gather data about your addiction, overall health, and medical history. This way, they will create a customized recovery program for maximum efficiency.
  2. Medical detoxification – At our rehabilitation centers in Anaheim, we use medication and therapy to reduce the withdrawal’s physiological impact, minimize the discomfort, and cleanse your system of toxins.
  3. Dual diagnosis treatment – The dual diagnosis treatment aims to treat co-occurring disorders via medication and therapy. This program is essential for improving your mental and emotional stability and prepare you for inpatient treatment.

Our professionals will supervise the detox process throughout its duration, making sure everything goes according to plan.

2. Relapse prevention

Joining our Anaheim drug and alcohol rehabs will allow you to remain sober for the entire treatment’s duration. The reason why self-detox fails so often is that people relapse soon into the “treatment.” That won’t happen here since you will remain under continuous supervision for the entire detox procedure.

Our professionals will assess your condition and progress daily, making sure you stick to the plan and advance your sobriety goals relentlessly. They are ready to intervene whenever they observe a moment of weakness, providing guidance, counseling, and psychiatric assistance for sustainable sobriety. Their presence and efforts will allow you to prevent relapsing during and after the detox treatment when the inpatient program begins.

3. Addressing co-occurring disorders

Co-occurring mental disorders are common in patients dealing with prolonged and aggravated addiction. We use dual diagnosis treatment at our addiction treatment center in Anaheim to identify and address these issues during the rehabilitation program. Doing this will not only support the patient’s recovery journey but prevent long-term relapse as well.

Addressing co-occurring mental disorders is also critical for dealing with the underlying causes of addiction. Many people resort to substance abuse to find relief from mental issues, trauma, or physical problems that can haunt them over the years. Our addiction treatment in Anaheim will provide them with the medical and psychiatric assistance necessary for fast and safe healing.

Contact our team at Star Recovery Centers (1-855-205-4380) and find out more about our alcohol detox in Anaheim! You can make an appointment today and come in for clinical assessment and treatment as soon as possible.

Alcohol Detox Anaheim