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What is long term treatment for addiction?

Long term treatment for addiction is a rehab treatment for individuals with a moderate to severe level of alcohol/drug addiction.  Long term treatment involves the use of an array of psychotherapies in combination with medications, medical detox, and counseling sessions to help a recovering addict attain sobriety. 

Long-term treatment options are highly effective in patients with severe addiction issues as they are safe from external triggers and stressful situations for a more extended period. When in long term rehab treatment, recovering addicts have ample time to overcome their negative thoughts and erratic behaviors while simultaneously developing healthy coping mechanisms. Our drug rehab in NH is one of the very few centers to offer long term treatment at low prices. Call us for details.

How long is long term rehabilitation?

Long term rehabs generally range from 6 to 18 months. However, you may extend your stay for a longer period than 18 months, if you feel you are not ready for the outside world. Sometimes, your treatment specialist may reduce or extend the period of your stay based on your progress in treatment.

However, studies prove that the longer the inpatient rehab program, the lesser the chances of relapse. To know more about how our long term rehabilitation treatment helps our residents call us today.

Psychodynamic therapy in addiction treatment

Psychodynamic therapy is one of the therapies used in addiction treatment to help patients realize their subconscious thoughts and feelings. A therapist’s role in this kind of therapy is to bring the recovering addict’s unconscious thoughts into his/her conscious mind. 

This therapy helps an individual analyze and understand the relationship between their deep thoughts and how such thoughts influence their behaviors. Psychodynamic therapy brings the recovering addicts to confront their deeply buried and emotionally straining memories. This helps with reducing the chances of getting triggered by such memories in the future. Besides psychodynamic therapy, we also use several other evidence-based therapies to treat addiction. Call us to know more about our treatment therapies.

Experiential Therapy in addiction treatment

Experiential therapy involves the use of recreational and hands-on activities to help recovering addicts overcome addiction. When participating in activities like sculpting, rock climbing, adventure activities, and music therapy, recovering addicts learn valuable skills that help in processing repressed feelings and traumatizing memories. This therapy is custom developed based on the personal interests and physical capabilities of each individual in rehab.

We are the only drug rehab in NH to offer long term treatment for men to stay sober and avoid relapse. At The Riverbank House, we offer our inmates a safe and serene environment that is free from triggers and stressful situations. Call us for admissions.

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