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Intimacy Disorder Treatment Center Boulder

Society limits the ability of men to openly discuss challenging sexual and emotional situations by giving them unnatural standards and desires. Consequentially, they carry immense burdens of shame and guilt, which only lead to hidden depression and sexual addictions. These unhealthy ways of seeking relief will damage their livelihood, family, and generation. We offer a smooth intake process that allows anyone to seek treatment without going through a grueling interview process. Here is all you need to know before making an application.

The intake process at the Boulder intimacy disorder treatment center

Speak to the admissions coordinator

The initial contact sets the stage for your admission process. We gather details about your health and addiction and identify basic details like your age, name, and extent of the addiction. These details help us to schedule an entire intake and process a same-day intake for severe cases.

Complete the interview

Many different tools can collect information about your addiction state. Some screening programs are structured with questionnaires, while others are a simple conversation to discuss your most pressing concerns. You may go through one or both of these procedures, depending on your condition and the administrator’s assessment. Do not worry because our staff is keen on helping everyone through the intake process by breaking down the interview questions in digestible bits.

The interview program will also help us process legal issues like a court order or plea to attend an intimacy disorder treatment center in Boulder. Patients also get to verify their payment preferences, such as the accepted insurance details.

Inspect forbidden items

Many intimacy treatment centers have strict guidelines against high-risk items. We do this to ensure the patient does not derail their or other people’s recovery. Commonly banned items include:

  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Offensive clothes
  • Sex toys
  • Pornography

Sometimes, patients will carry one or two items they do not deem a risk to their health. Sex psychologists in Boulder CO are glad to help you through the treatment process and make you comfortable enough to enjoy the two-week stay of building intimacy counseling

Mental and medical assessment routines

Medical assessment programs are essential for us to establish attainable goals for your condition. The doctors on-site will identify your specific medical conditions, as well as co-occurring disorders like depression and anger. The information is critical for us to develop a treatment program that is highly conducive to your health.

Learn the programs

Couples counseling for intimacy issues follows many different models, which differ in length, intensity, and treatment methods. Part of the intake process is to explain the workings of each program by introducing the basics of their features. You may also learn more about the rules of behavior, abstinence contract, and consequences of breaking our treatment protocols.

Begin Again Institute includes intense screening processes with the end goal of offering the best personalized Boulder sex therapy. The holistic process will improve your life circumstances and help you avoid relapse for years after leaving the facility. Take the first step towards the world’s leading intensive healing for sex porn addictions and intimacy disorders by calling 720-702-4608 today.

Intimacy Disorder Treatment Center Boulder

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Intimacy Disorder Treatment Center Boulder

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