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Rehab Riverside Recovery Services

Searching for the best addiction treatment program can be overwhelming. With the proper treatment by the top rehab centers in Riverside, you have a chance to recover fully. 

Why choose us?

Staff credentials

Everyone needs treatment services administered by qualified individuals. Clinicians with higher education or national certificates adopt evidence-based practices. We display the credentials of our staff, so it is not difficult for you to check if they have the relevant certifications. Apart from the credentials, our Riverside drug rehab staff experience with addiction enables us to offer a special connection and essential recovery expertise. 

Program Accreditation

To meet the state licensure requirement, Riverside CA alcohol treatment centers need to undergo accreditation. 

We have undergone the evaluation by third parties organizations and are officially approved by the Joint Commission Accreditation for Addiction Treatment (JCAHO). This shows that our treatment facility is offering high-standard treatment. 

Also, we have employed trained staff, are HIPPA- compliant, use high safety standards, and are culturally sensitive. Rest assured that you will get quality, safe treatment, and your rights will be protected. 

Financial options

We are transparent and willing to help our clients access treatment despite their financial limitations. We help our clients understand their financial obligations and ensure you understand your coverage options as per your insurance provider and other financing options at your disposal, such as scale payments and scholarships. 

Our multiple financing options show we are a patient-centered organization. Addiction affects people from various backgrounds; therefore, understanding the varying financial restrictions our patients may face helps us work with them to pay for their care.

Tailored treatment plans

We individualize our treatment as per the need of the patient to make it effective. We address multiple facets of the client’s addiction, including associated medical, social, or psychological issues.  

Our treatment is also custom-made to patients’ age, gender, ethnicity, and culture. All this enables us to offer clients a combination of services to meet their unique needs. 

Quality onsite medical care

Addiction affects the mind and body in many ways, which a patient may not realize until they attempt to stop. Therefore, we offer medical attention to our patients to address mental and physical concerns arising from dependence and associated withdrawal syndromes. Our staff will take care of your health without taking you out of the recovery environment. 

They will take care of you during detox, most notably to manage withdrawal symptoms from sedatives, alcohol, opioids that may cause severe discomfort or other medical conditions as seizures. 

Serene Environment

Social and environmental triggers may increase the likelihood of a relapse. We try to eliminate potential triggers during the early recovery phase so that you focus on recovery without straining or distractions. Our beautiful, calm, and inspiring environment will help to minimize environmental stressors. 

Aftercare planning

Aftercare treatment ensures our patients do not relapse and function better when they return to society. In Riverside, California, our outpatient addiction treatment plan places resources and attention on our client’s aftercare plans. 

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Rehab Riverside Recovery Services