Rehab Woodland Hills

We recommend Divinity Recovery as the ideal rehab in Woodland Hills for extensive and patient-oriented recovery services. Our programs and recovery services are ideal for people who have completed the inpatient treatment or can’t afford it / don’t need it in the first place.

Who needs IOP?

Our San Fernando Valley outpatient rehab is the perfect choice for individuals who have already completed more intensive treatment programs like inpatient treatment or PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program). These individuals are already more stable since they have managed their withdrawal and overcome their cravings in the process. The detox process, followed by inpatient care for up to 90 days, is enough to help patients manage their addictive behavior more effectively and quit their harmful habits.

It is also a great option for people whose addictions are in the beginning phases when they might not need intensive medical assistance. They also experience withdrawal, but nowhere near as aggressive as those struggling with advanced disorders. For these individuals, our intensive outpatient rehab program functions as a long-term recovery system, allowing them to rebuild their lives from scratch.

To know for sure if you’re a perfect fit for our IOP, we recommend speaking to one of our rehab specialists asap. They will assess your situation and establish if you fit our ideal patient’s profile or you need another form of treatment before qualifying for our program.

How IOP works

The IOP treatment relies only on 9 to 15 hours of therapy every week, working days only. It is the third program in line intensity-wise, after inpatient treatment (30,60, 90 days of 24/7 treatment and assistance) and PHP (5 hours of treatment per day, 5 days per week). Some of the programs it includes are:

  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for treating co-occurring disorders like depression
  • Behavioral therapies like DBT, EMDR, CBT, or CPT for stress management, emotional regulation, and coping with traumas
  • Yoga, Reiki, physical fitness, meditation, or chiropractic care as part of the holistic healing system
  • Mindfulness, psychotherapy, sleep therapy for cementing healthier lifestyle patterns and countering traumas, co-occurring disorders, and harmful thinking and behaviors, etc.

Our Woodland Hills, CA, teen outpatient treatment will allow you to begin your life’s reconstruction process through peer support and professional counseling and guidance. Our holistic recovery system is ideal at promoting long-term recovery and healing by teaching patients vital coping mechanisms and healthy lifestyle choices.

What is the best Intensive Outpatient Program?

If you’re looking for reliable IOP treatment, we invite you to our rehab center in Los Angeles for clinical assessment and treatment planning. Our professionals will look into your case, assess your condition, and put together a unique treatment protocol for the best long-term results.

Divinity Recovery offers comprehensive rehab in Woodland Hills, providing patients access to one of the most sought-after IOPs in the business. You can speak to our rehab professionals about your situation at 1-747-204-3398, and they will advise you on the next course of action, depending on the findings. If you’ve never participated in any rehab program, our IOP is ideal for preventing the need for inpatient medical care later on.

Rehab Woodland Hills