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The proper telehealthcare can be available when you need it most. My Recovery Couch does not have a size that fits all regarding treatment, but we do not follow medical protocols to allow for better treatment. Our virtual portal is available to everyone at any moment of need, and we have specialists who switch and shift around the clock to offer personalized treatment plans.

A Complete Guide On Taking Suboxone In Your Treatment Plan

Starting Subutex For Opioid Use Disorder

Suboxone is an opioid treatment medication that allows you to calm your cravings by reworking the chemicals that trigger intense addiction problems. You must take Suboxone when you are already in the withdrawal stage to reduce the chances of its interaction with other drugs in your system.

Some basic things we will consider before administering treatment include:

  • The last time you used the drug
  • Type of opioid drug that caused the addiction
  • Degree or intensity of the addiction

Our specialists consider all these things before setting up a treatment plan, and it would be in your best interest to be upfront with all the correct information so we can give you a comprehensive care plan.

Taking Suboxone

Withdrawal is highly uncomfortable, but Suboxone should be enough to make things more tolerable for mild to minor addiction issues. An online telehealth specialist may guide you to identify your level of withdrawal by using a score so you know the exact moment to begin, stop or scale down on treatment.

Avoid taking Suboxone if you take sedatives, alcohol, or other medications that complicate your healing. Some people may have to take a couple of days off work if the experience is too much because there is a possibility that you will feel lethargy when operating heavy machinery. Monitor and report your dosage at every stage, and make sure to use the proper administration method to avoid further complications and the threat of death.

Long-Term Suboxone Treatment

Suboxone treatment can last a week or months, depending on your addiction problem. Our online Subutex doctors typically start our patients on a low dose and then build it until you can tolerate a higher amount to speed up the recovery. The honeymoon stage picks up around the second week when you begin to feel energized and develop a new sense of vigor.

Our online Subutex clinic would recommend combining long-term Suboxone medication with therapy, so you have both the physical and biological support necessary to turn over a new leaf.

More Affective Ways Of Taking Suboxone

Is there a way you can maximize the effectiveness of Suboxone? You have to look at the method with which you are administering the drug and then work with a medical practitioner to find ways of boosting its absorption into your bloodstream. An example is that a pill or strip will work better if you take it with enough water and at the right time.

Our staff is happy to discuss all of these with you, so contact us to get started with a personalized online Subutex treatment.


Subutex Doctors Online