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Texas Heroin Treatment Online

Every journey of recovery begins with a first step. We made the process easy for you to get started with Texas online heroin treatment and recovery journey across the entire state.

Many across the US have been alarmed at the fever high rise of addiction to opioids, some even calling it a national epidemic of addiction. Opioids come in many forms and include prescription pain medication such as Hydrocodone, Oxycontin, Vicodin, Fentanyl or Demerol. It has become far too common to hear of people shifting from legitimately using pain medication to slowly misusing and abusing it to then finding themselves beginning to use hard narcotics like, heroin. The heartbreaking result has been a spike of accidental deaths related to opioid and even heroin use.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention collects information on deaths related to drug overdose. Their data shows that the death toll from opioid overdose has more than doubled in the last decade, with close to 50,000 deaths in 2019 alone. More alarming is the fivefold increase across the US in overdose deaths from the use of heroin, which increased from 3,000 in 2010 to more than 14,000 in 2019.

So what’s up with heroin? Most people have heard about heroin here or there, but not many know all the facts of what it does to the body and mind, and how addiction forms. Many people have recovered from addiction to heroin and so can you, all online, but you need to act quickly.

Heroin is an opiate drug and has been around for an awfully long time. It was originally assumed to be less addictive and safer than morphine but proved itself to be just as dangerous, and was eventually identified as an illegal substance in the US. There are over 5 million users in the US alone, many people between the ages of 18-34 and people across all economic walks of life, from CEOs and celebrities to others who went down the wrong path or those who thought they had total control have found themselves not so much in control and needing help. We know some people try to self-medicate their anxiety or PTSD by using, while others have an imbalance in their brain chemistry of key neurotransmitters such as GABA, serotonin or dopamine which causes them to be more prone to addiction.

Heroin addiction can happen fairly quickly and dependence develops with regular use of the drug as the body builds higher and higher tolerance in order to get the same high. Similar to other opiates, heroin impacts receptors in your brain and a physical dependency on the drug develops. This dependence on the drug can lead to an uncontrolled use of heroin with constant increase in the dose or more frequent use that finally leads to an inability to stop. Using heroin as well as other prescription opiates damages your ability to experience pleasure resulting from damage to the chemical balance in your brain that regulates pleasure, pain and reward responses.

The use of heroin is known to cause loss of consciousness, decreased respiration, irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure and dry mouth. Over long term use, heroin is known to cause permanent heart and lung damage, cognitive damage and memory loss, organ disease like liver or kidney disease and depression disorders.

At MyRecoveryCouch, you can take a step in the right direction online and confidentially get help with an individualized heroin treatment plan across the state of Texas. Doesn’t matter where you live, from Austin to Rio Grande City Texas, you can reach an experienced provider that can get you on a MAT program to meet your needs. Once you schedule an appointment, a qualified, licensed medical professional will go over your personal history and get to know you before developing an individualized, online plan for heroin treatment in Texas. You will be prescribed specific addiction medications such and Suboxone or Subutex to help you make progress toward your goals of recovery. Your online recovery plan will begin by helping you through withdrawal and then slowly moving toward a sustainable plan to reduce dependence on heroin or other opiates.

Although there are many great ways to use medication as part of your recovery plan, you may be asked to discontinue the use of these mediations in the case of significant side effects or a new contraindication, such as pregnancy. You may also be asked to discontinue the use of these medication in the case of any unauthorized use. This means misusing, abusing, or diverting your opiate recovery medication. The decision to discontinue will come only after careful consideration by your designated provider and after consultation with the patient.

The bottom line is that we know there are millions of regular people, across all ages that are affected by heroin use and are looking for heroin treatment in Austin, Texas. MyRecoveryCouch was designed to address this need for people looking for a confidential, online opiate recovery option. You no longer have to struggle alone.

Don’t wait, take the next step forward to developing your own personal treatment plan online in Texas, sign up today.

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  • I have been seeing James Koch since September of 2020 and I have no negative things to say about him at all. He has been great to me so far and I really feel like he has been such a great help to me and my issues. I would recommend him to anyone like myself that needs a see a provider for similar issues. Thank you!
  • 7 months ago I was lost in life but since I began my appointments with Dr.James Koch my life has turned around for the better. He’s helped me learn to deal with my anxiety and the things that would normally trigger me to use. I’ve gotten in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life I’ve even picked up new hobbies and was able to get an amazing job. I look forward to every appointment with him and have never had a bad experience. Not only is his service amazing but it’s very discreet and I’d definitely recommend him to anyone who is feeling they are in need of help, not only did he give me hope but he helped me gain the confidence and courage I needed to get my life back together i’m very grateful for everything he has helped me accomplish and am proud to say I am his patient.
  • Mr. Koch is a GREAT P.A. I have never had an unpleasant experience while I’ve been seeing him. He listens to and answers any questions I have. He never tries to rush through our appointments. Also if I message him with any questions. He gets back with me pretty dang quick. I’d for sure give him 5 out of 5 stars! And I would recommend him to any of my family or friends.
  • I have been seeing James Koch for almost a year now. He has been one of the kindest and most understanding practitioners I've ever worked with. He has helped me tremendously and he consistently goes out of his way to make this process as comfortable as possible. I would recommend him to anyone that may be suffering from similar issues. Thank you!

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